Oh, the Places You’ll Go… With Your Menstrual Cup!

Oh-The-Places-Youll-Go-Front-CoverPeople often ask me, “Can you wear a menstrual cup to yoga?” or “Is it ok to wear a cup while swimming?”

It got me thinking. And reminiscing.

My menstrual cup and I have gone on oh-so-many adventures together. She has been like a trusted friend, keeping me company while I go hither and yon. And you, too, can go places with your menstrual cup!

My menstrual cup and I have gone to yoga. Sure. That one’s easy. We have engaged in any number of physical activities together, including dance class, rock climbing, swimming in lakes, long distance cycling. We have performed on stage together, in small costumes with rigorous movements. Yikes. We have gone camping together – oh, have we gone camping together, at many-a-site. We went on a ten-day backcountry kayaking trip on Lake Superior together, with nary a washroom or human-made building to visit. Instead, we had the beauty and majesty of wild woods, tumultuous water, verdant moss and Canadian Shield.

We have visited Peru, India, Ghana, Arizona and France together, to name a few places. We have gone paragliding together, which was scary for the both of us, but not because of risk of leakage. (No, it was the fear of fall-age that really had us.) We have been camel riding together, unbeknownst to our fair camel. We don’t think he minded.

First dates. Grandfather’s cabin in the woods. Public speaking. Conferences. Boardrooms. Nights out on the town. Farms, cottages, lakes, fields. A honeymoon in a camper van in the Dordogne. We’ve gone there – together. She is more discrete than any pad, heartier than any tampon and more reliable than the two put together – not to mention way more thrifty and conscious about the environment. She’s a cool cat. She is a faithful, quiet travel companion – so imperceptible that most of the time I forget she is there. We have that comfortable silence thing working for us. And yes, my menstrual cup is game for an adventure of any scope or scale.

My guess is that yours is, too. So have no fear, and embrace the adventure together. Go places with your menstrual cup, fearlessly. Or, if you prefer, comfortably.

By Irene Whittaker-Cumming, Executive Director of Mother Nature Partnership.