Mother Nature Partnership empowers women and girls to live their lives to the fullest. We do this by connecting individuals with access to healthy and informed menstrual health care.


When equipped with knowledge and tools for healthy menstrual care, girls are free to attend school and lay a strong foundation for a life of knowledge and self-sufficiency. And women are free to work and earn a living, care for their families and enjoy personal and community life.

This is a revolution for women and girls. It is part of a global movement that prizes women and girls as people,
and which equals their value with investment and respect.

Why Reusable Menstrual Supplies?

We are proud to offer the girls and women in our program a choice, because we believe that every one should have autonomy and agency when it comes to their own body. Participants in our program choose between reusable feminine hygiene products, including AFRIpads cloth pads and Femmecup menstrual cups. Both options are safe, hygienic, affordable, culturally-appropriate and good for the environment. What can be better than that? Girls can choose which option will work best for them individually as part of the education that we provide around menstrual health and care.

AFRIpads are made in Uganda, with funding provided by Lunapads via their buy-one-give-one program, One4Her. Femmecup is a UK-based company that manufactures high-quality menstrual cups made from medical-grade silicon. It is thanks to Western women switching to natural options like washable pads and menstrual cups that we are able to provide Cameroonian girls and women with access to these reusable supplies, and the health and freedom that comes with them.

Get Involved

We are evolving. Growing up. On a journey to fulfilling our staggering potential. And we need your help to continue fostering lives of empowerment.


Every donation to Mother Nature Partnership is stretched as far as possible. Because we are a small organization, our administrative costs are exceedingly low and you can trust that your dollars are going towards transforming lives. We are currently in the process of securing our charitable status, and donations are not tax-deductible at this time. Stay tuned for progress. When you donate, we are accountable to you. We will provide you with reports about the great work we are doing together.


Our team of volunteers is always expanding, and looking for dedicated individuals who want to offer their skills and give some time each month. Interested? Drop us a line.

Get the Word Out

Share the good work of Mother Nature Partnership with your friends and family, via Twitter and Facebook, email and good old-fashioned word of mouth.


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