The Seed

The seed of Mother Nature Partnership was planted in 2010 as a simple idea to provide women with menstrual care supplies that were beneficial to them personally, and friendly to the environment. It started as a partnership between women and the environment. This idea quickly grew into the sapling of our pilot project, which launched in Cameroon in 2011. The project was a huge success. We reached 600 women with health workshops and sustainable menstrual products, and many women reported that they were “freer and happier”. We knew we had to do more. By 2014, we have expanded to include more women in our programming than ever, reaching more than 8,000 women in Cameroon. Our roots are growing deeper as we are able to branch out to more women and girls that ever before.

We work with local partners to make sure that our programming is culturally-appropriate and meeting a genuine need. We are always developing new partnerships with local organizations, especially African women-led groups.


In 2011, we were the recipient of the Nelson Mandela and Graça Machel Innovation Award. In 2013, we went on to receive a Grand Challenges grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. In early 2015, we are expanding our program to 1,000 high school girls in Cameroon.


We envision a world where every woman and girl is free to live her life to the fullest.


We provide women and girls with menstrual education and reusable supplies that are hygienic, affordable, culturally-appropriate and environmentally-friendly.



The nurses and doctors who lead our programming are local community health workers in Cameroon. They have the local knowledge and expertise to provide culturally-appropriate programming. They provide ongoing support for women and girls that is based on local understanding and experience. We also work with schoolteachers and student leaders to build skills and facilitate workshops that are locally-led and effective.



In Canada we have a volunteer team of talented professionals, who contribute their expertise and dedication to making an impact through Mother Nature Partnership.

We are working to destigmatize menstruation in Canada, giving voice to women so they can realize and express their personal relationship with their menstrual cycle and care